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SafeGlo UV from GMY






The world has changed.

Your business needs to change as well.

When people feel safe, business thrives.

SafeGlo can help. 


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Keeping rooms safe with pure, clean air.

Keeping surfaces safe and germ free.

Quickly. Safely. And inexpensively.

Touchless. Chemical free.

SafeGlo keeps people safe using nothing but light



 Developed by the world leader in UV disinfection


You may not have heard of them before the pandemic but for more than 20 years, GMY Lighting Technology has pioneered new ways to ”make life better through light”. GMY has produced millions of lighting components for the world’s most well-known brands.


But GMY’s most critical specialty is harnessing the amazing properties of”invisible light” the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths found in sunlight, but not visible to the naked eye.


They created a world-class campus where”invisible light” was used to solve real world problems: Assembling a diverse team of experts in physics, chemical, and electrical engineering then rapidly turning their ideas into reality. GMY innovations include

  • Specialized UV lights that recreate the health effects of sunlight
  • Ultraviolet and infrared lights that increase crop yields
  • Infrared lights that encourage better livestock growth

But for most of the world, GMY’s most important innovation is SafeGlo


 The SafeGlo Story

  • 2018 - 2019

    Numerous science journals report that ultraviolet light with a 222 nm wavelength is deadly to bacteria and most viruses, but harmless to humans

  • Mid 2019

    GMY engineers develop and test new UV222 ultraviolet excimer bulbs.
    These new disinfectant bulbs are powerful and long-lasting

  • Late 2019

    GMY manufacturing teams establish cost-effect production method for new UV222 excimer bulbs

    First cases of COVID-19 begin to appear

  • Early 2020

    Scientists speculate that the covid-virus might be destroyed by UVC and UV222 ultraviolet light.

    Based on these speculations, GMY ramps up for large-scale production of UV222 lamps.

  • Mid 2020

    Scientists prove that UV222 completely destroys the COVID-19 virus, and is entirely safe to be used in the presence of people. 

    GMY begins massive production of UV222 components. World-wide distribution begins.

    GMY names their amazing sanitizing lamps”SafeGlo”

  • Early 2021

    The new safe, disinfecting SafeGlo lamps successfully reduce transmission of Covid in hospitals, schools, and offices.

    In response to requests across the globe,
    GMY adds new SafeGlo products to its room-isinfecting SafeGlo line. 

    These include the SafeGlo Sanitizing Gate, that disinfects skin and clothing in seconds. 

    Additionally, GMY creates the SafeGlo Passthrough, an automated method to rapidly sanitize luggage, schoolbooks, groceries and more safely, in seconds, without heat or chemicals. 

  • Mid 2021

    GMY gains US EPA status to begin distributing SafeGlo to the US